My small jewelry business began in 2003 after experiencing nerve damage in my hands, due to Multiple Sclerosis.  My doctor told me to keep my hands moving so that they would not freeze up, so I decided to try crochet, but that repetitive motion actually hurt my hands worse.

I needed a zipper pull for a favorite sweater, so I tried my hand at making one.  It turned out great, so I made another for my sister, then another for a friend, but I ran out of supplies.  I bought more, which led to more, and more...well, you get the idea.

I try to incorporate "motion" into my designs whenever possible, as they are a representation of my remaining mobile.  Even those of us who cannot move very well deserve to have some motion in their lives!

I do sell my jewelry, do if you see something you like, email me to see if it is still available.  I will try to update this site as often as possible.  Remember, most of my pieces are one-of-a-kind, but I can try to recreate a piece if possible.

Thank you!


Jewelry by Jane
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